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Nike+ SportBand log analizer for Linux

The program for download run data from Nike+ SportBand and translate it to distance and duration can be downloaded here.

There are two separate programs:
  • SportBandGetTrack: download binary dump data from SportBand.
  • parselog: reads binary dump file and generate XML file which can be uploaded to the official nike+ web site by nike4all optionally it can write CSV file.

[Updated on 01-Dec-2010]

parselog program now able to generate XML file. The XML file can be uploaded to the official nike+ web site using "nike4all".


rajibe wrote more sophisticated program. It has more control to the SportBand and also it has GUI!


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投稿: おやじー | 2011年6月 4日 (土) 13時37分


投稿: dwarfjay | 2010年8月23日 (月) 22時16分

hello, I'd like to confirm that SportBandUtility20100613.tar.gz works fine with analyzing run. Here my results:

=== Pause 2010/8/19 23:20:21
1956, 4.25256, 0.01591
Total Distance: 4.252558 km, Total Time: 0:32:36

nike sites show this running as 4.26km Time 0:32:36

投稿: eloy | 2010年8月20日 (金) 06時35分




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